Autism: An Initiative of Change

In our lives, in one way or another, everyone is helpless. Either a street beggar or a multi-billionaire businessman, everyone has dreams in their lives that usually remain unaccomplished. Why? You might be wondering how a billionaire person can be incomplete. But feel for a moment; is money worth enough to buy everything for you in life? Autism is just like it, a natural disability regarding social interactions.

Do you think that the autistic community has some control over this disability? Just think for a moment that during the first wave of COVID-19, was there any cure? Was the COVID-19 person became positive by their choice? No, it was the part of a natural phenomenon that caught street wanderers to Prime Ministers sitting in their close cabins.

This is exactly the case with autism life that those people are not there by their own choice, but nature has made them special from others. But lack of autism awareness has separated normal people from autistic people.

What is Autism in general?

Autism is a non-progressive lifelong neurological disorder. It usually appears before the third birthday of the newborn. Autism is a kind of developmental disability that mainly affects children’s verbal and even non-verbal communication, thus leaving a significant impact on a child’s social interactions.

These special kids try to keep themselves away from the people while liking their own company. Even society starts to distant from such children. In some cases, autism mom, autism dad, and even the whole autism family leave the kid alone, thus further mounting mental pressure on them.

Then what’s the way to bring these special kids into the social circle?

How to spread Autism Awareness

If you are among the autism dad, autism mother, or any member of the autism family, then your first responsibility is to strengthen your relationship with your loved ones. Arrange special events for them, give them specialized gifts, and made them feel special. Try to interact with them frequently and build friendships with them. Only these measures will break the shackles of isolation. Autism speaks for it rights in coded words, we have to immediately decode them. 

Our Initiative

We are struggling hard to spread autism awareness and build general autism acceptance in society. Our contribution might be small, but collectively we can scale it up for society’s collective benefit, especially for these special children.

Autism- our company with the slogan of dare to be different- have made specialized shirts, mugs, masks, bags, phone accessories, phone cases, calendar, and hats. These all products have deep logos and slogans associated with the general acceptance of autism in society. We believe the more we spread these words, the more effective it will be because it’s Ok to be Different.

Bottom Line

These quality products come with a meager price tag because the sole purpose is to spread the word. Once spread everywhere, this isolated community of our society will become part of our lives. We are committed to doing it; we just need your help to ace it! Just visit our store and get details of everything you want!           

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